Batch rename of files in all subdirectories with Powershell

Well here is what you have to do if you want to rename all files and replace the filename with an incremental number.

The following example renames all .wav files starting from number 1:

Recursively the same task:

Sorting by time:


Moving around wordpress installations

Mostly a reminder to myself, of what i need to do if i want to transfer a wordpress installation around. Step #1: Backup Make some form of backup of both your wordpress files and database. You can either do it manually or use some wordpress plugin for that. A nice plugin is XCLONER. Manually its easy […]

Dynamic vertical tabs in IP.Content using jQuery

I have been searching to utilize the vertical tabs of IP.Content in a way that avoids page loads.

I wanted to add vertical tabs in a page called home.html. The main logic here is to load all content in divs and allow jQuery to handle the .hide() .show() methods in click events of the tab titles.

HOME.HTML source:

A block was created to hold the titles for the tabs on the left sidebar:

I then created one block for each tab content: